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Tjek et clip fra @Rejsen til Saturn *Ny dansk tegnefilm*

2Cool guitar Tab Guitar Wizs: (All videos)

Guitar Wonder Kids:

Quinn Sullivan with Buddy Guy Live ( 8 years old):

Banjo Geil:                                                                                

Guitar Fun Stuff:

Tele Country Stuff:

Zack Wylde:

Paul Gilbert:

Ron Thal and Guthrie Govan jamming   (alle vids)

Chris Broderick (Megadeth/Jag Panzer) - jazz-slap demo

Guthrie Govan:

Bass: Slap/ Guitar vs. Bass

Lydia HotGirl on Bass:


Cesar Huesca:

Eddie Van Halen Lessons:

Kirk Hammett / Metallica: &feature=related

Satriani/Malmsteen Brazil Dude:ALT FOR SEJ!!!  (Alle vids)

Counter Strike Videos: